College Of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration challenges and supports students to develop the professional leadership skills necessary for positions in the global marketplace. Students learn how to share their discipline based knowledge in real world team projects, have opportunities to travel abroad, and use the newest technology to make connections between events and trends in capital and commodity markets around the world. Working collectively with highly trained faculty and professionals, Winthrop students develop high expectations for themselves and learn to make things happen.

The College offers nationally accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and computer science. Students can earn their B.S. degree and select from 11 business options. The Master degree in Business Administration offers concentrations in Accounting, Finance, International Business, and Software Project Management. Students may also elect undergraduate programs in economics and digital information design.

Your gift to the College of Business Administration Fund will be put to good use by providing students with the resources needed so they can experience the excellent education offered at Winthrop University.

For additional information regarding the College of Business Administration, please call (803) 323-2186.  For more information about giving to Winthrop University, please call (803) 323-2150.