Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at Winthrop University serves nearly every student on campus.

Winthrop’s mathematics majors take a variety of theoretical and applied courses. Mathematics majors have opportunities to participate in summer research experiences and work closely with faculty on scholarly research throughout the academic year. These students pursue graduate study in mathematics and related disciplines, teach in middle school, high school, and post-secondary settings, and hold responsible positions in business and government agencies.

For the students in all other undergraduate programs at Winthrop, the department offers general courses of study in mathematics, statistics, and elementary education.

Your gift to the Department of Mathematics will be used in a variety of ways:

  • Your support of the Winthrop Mathematics Department Fund helps to provide further opportunities for student and faculty travel and access to materials needed for exploration of mathematical ideas.
  • The Research Experience in Mathematics (REM) Fund directly supports department efforts to provide undergraduate research support for Winthrop mathematics students.
  • The Tess Jackson Memorial Fund was created in memory of a former faculty member and helps students with more ability and promise than financial resources gain access to the excellent education and college experience provided by Winthrop University.

Giving Levels

The Department of Mathematics has announced five giving levels, which are listed below:

  • REM Sponsor: $5,000 provides a leading gift that can support students and faculty engaged in research in the summer.
  • Team Sponsor: $3,000 provides financial support for an entire team of undergraduate researchers.
  • Student Sponsor: $750 provides financial support for one undergraduate researcher.
  • Research Sponsor: $100 provides the research materials for an entire team of undergraduate researchers.
  • Friend of REM: Donations under $100 can be combined with other funds to supplement all aspects of the program.

For additional information regarding the Department of Mathematics, please call (803) 323-2175.  For more information about giving to Winthrop University, please call (803) 323-2150.