Distinction: The Campaign for Winthrop is the vital link in the continuing journey to national prominence and key to the success of Winthrop students, now and in the future. Distinction: The Campaign for Winthrop is about securing the financial resources necessary for continued advancements and using these investments from donors, alumni and friends to build on the Winthrop experience.

From our inception and to the present day, our priorities have remained the same, ever adjusting to the world around us and continuing to provide the best possible opportunities for each student. With an informed group of partners who are involved and invested in Winthrop's work, we can achieve the following:

Campaign Priorities

Our Commitment to Excellence: Through dedicated endowments and unrestricted funds to support academic, athletic, and co-curricular programs. Winthrop will build on its tradition of rigor and high standards, preparing students for real world challenges and success. Our goal is at least $15 million.

Our Commitment to Global Capacities: Through innovation in critical areas such as financial literacy, environmental literacy, and information literacy. Understanding global issues provides more than a competitive advantage – it provides the foundation for a person to adapt and excel in a rapidly changing world. The leader of tomorrow is one who can obtain knowledge and experiences but also one who masters these capacities and the ability to learn. Our goal is at least $10 million.

Our Commitment to Access: Through scholarships and other funds that provide the Winthrop Experience to the best and the most promising students. Winthrop will increase its ability to serve a greater number of students and provide them access to educational experiences on the campus and across the world. Our goal is at least $25 million.

Campaign Themes

To serve our constituency of students and alumni engaged in the Winthrop experience, the following three goal areas are crucial:

Information: In the Knowledge Era, information is key in understanding and reacting to opportunities for engagement and learning. Learning about alumni and friends and their interests enables Winthrop to partner with the vast world of connections available. Increasing information about Winthrop's advancements and achievements also positions our stakeholders to better represent Winthrop.

Involvement: Educational attainment is best achieved through field based learning, program outreach into the marketplace, and connecting students to the people shaping events and innovation. Collaboration with our alumni and friends in industry is vital to achieve this educational experience for each student.

Investment: Gifts are the best possible endorsement Winthrop can receive and represent a meaningful connection between Winthrop and donors, who are partners in every project. To fulfill the aspirations of the campaign we will work toward a goal of at least $50 million – to sustain and enhance Winthrop for generations to come and to move to national prominence.